About Me

Fumiko Yamada

Fumiko Yamada is a respected electric vehicle (EV) charger blogger, acclaimed for her in-depth knowledge and engaging commentary on the EV charging industry. Born in Sapporo, Japan, Fumiko’s interest in electric vehicles and sustainable transportation led her to earn a degree in Electrical Engineering from Hokkaido University.

After graduation, Fumiko worked in the EV infrastructure sector, where she played a pivotal role in designing and implementing EV charging stations. Her desire to educate the public about the importance and intricacies of EV charging infrastructure led her to start her blog, “Fumiko’s Charge Forward”.

“Fumiko’s Charge Forward” has rapidly become a trusted source of information on EV charger technologies, industry trends, and policy updates. Fumiko’s ability to break down complex EV charging concepts into easily understandable content has attracted a diverse audience, from EV industry insiders to electric vehicle owners.

Beyond her blog, Fumiko is a frequent speaker at EV industry events and conferences, sharing her insights and advocating for more robust and accessible EV charging networks. She also collaborates with EV charging companies, lending her expertise to help shape the future of the EV charging industry.

In her spare time, Fumiko enjoys long drives in her electric vehicle and exploring new charging stations, activities that further fuel her passion for the EV world. Fumiko Yamada is more than just a blogger; she is an ardent advocate for electric mobility, dedicated to powering the shift towards sustainable transportation through her writing.


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